Enabling Intelligent Fuel

Save money and protect our environment with a ground breaking innovation.


Reduction in
NOx emissions


Improvement in
Fuel Consumption


Reduction in smoke
& particle emissions

Enabling Intelligent Fuel

One discovery - two major benefits!

We have discovered how to increase the molecular attraction between oxygen and hydrocarbon (fuel) molecules through polarization, thus helping engines burn fuels more completely and resulting in two major benefits.

Fuel Savings:
Third party evaluations and customers show an average of 15% fuel savings.
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Harmful Emissions Reduction:
Combustion of gasoline and diesel treated with Fuel Matrix creates less deadly NOx and Particulate Matter emissions.  
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Fuel Matrix is covered by two U.S. patents and has patents pending worldwide.

U.S. Patent No. 10,106,755 “Electromagnetically Modified Ethanol” covers the proprietary method by which Fuel Matrix is manufactured.

U.S. Patent No. 9,932,534 "Homogeneous Solution of a Treated Fuel and Oxygen from the Air for Use in a Combustion Chamber” covers the use of a product like Fuel Matrix which imparts strong permanent dipoles to change both the dispersion forces and the intermolecular forces of hydrocarbons in the treated fuel. When a treated fuel is atomized in a combustion chamber, the mixture is able to dissolve higher concentrations of oxygen from the air and thereby provide a more efficient fuel combustion.

Fuel Matrix is patented and U.S. EPA Registered

Fuels treated with Fuel Matrix at recommended ratios (1 part Fuel Matrix to 10,000 parts fuel) meet international standards (ASTM, EN590) for permitted fuels without requiring additional approvals from vehicle or engine manufacturers.

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