"Proof, not just claims."

Here's the answers to your questions.

We get two main questions -

"Is it safe?" 

Fuel Matrix, when added to your diesel fuel, remains within the standards for diesel fuel that the engine manufacturers specify.   Just like you can use any oil you want, as long as it meets the standard set by the manufacturer, the same is true for fuel.   We went to Intertek Laboratories and had diesel fuel enhanced with Fuel Matrix tested to ensure that it stays within all the parameters established by the ASTM for Diesel 2.   This ensures that all the various properties of the fuel are within the tolerances set by the engine manufacturer.   Click the Intertek logo or here to review the report in a new tab.

"Does it really work?"

We have worked with independent 3rd parties and laboratories to prove that Fuel Matrix works both to improve fuel efficiency and to reduce harmful emissions.

For emissions, we asked the University of California at Riverside's Center for Environmental Research and Technology to test an International ProStar Tractor with a 15 liter Cummins engine on their dynamometer with Fuel Matrix enhanced Diesel 2.   The results were astonishing: the Fuel Matrix enhanced fuel dropped certain emissions by almost 60%!   Click the UCR logo or here to view the report in a new tab.

For fuel economy, clients want "real world" results, so we asked a few companies to run some independent trials.   We did not participate in those trials, we simply provided Fuel Matrix to them and asked them to publish their results.   Those results show a consistent 15% reduction in fuel usage.  Contact us if you would like a copy of the results.