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"It's all about the bottom line."

Reducing Operating Costs for Small Business Fleets

Small business fleets are faced with increased operating costs. Keeping drivers on the force requires better financial incentives. These incentives are costly. Becoming EPA compliant is becoming more difficult with ever increasing demands from government regulators. Fuel Matrix will help offset a business fleets top operating costs and fuel spend. Reducing fuel spend gives small business fleets a competitive advantage by stabilizing their budgets and giving fleets the opportunity to spend on things they deem more important. Fuel Matrix Solutions:

- Increase Revenues
- Reduce Greenhouse Emissions
- Maximize Engine Utilization
- Strengthen Small Business Fleet’s Competitive Advantage
- Reduce Operating Costs on Future Engine Retrofits

Fuel Matrix: A Cleaner, More Efficient Fuel.   Driving profits for small business fleets.

Improving small business fuel efficiency means burning less fuel. And for most small business fleets fuel represents a large portion of their operating costs. There is a real economic incentive to minimize operating costs and the more fleets save on Co2 the less fuel they will burn.

- Reduce Fuel Costs. Improved fuel efficiency can help fleets save substantially on fuel costs typically achieving 8%-15% savings on fuel spend. Fuel cost often is one of the largest metrics on a enterprise fleet’s budget. Increasing revenues will help fleets become more competitive.

- Reduce Greenhouse Emissions. Fuel Matrix’ fuel upgrade achieves dramatic improvements in emission standards and helps to keep vehicles in compliance with current EPA emissions standards through 2018 - 2025.

- Reduce Operating Costs on Future Engine Retrofits. Today’s fleets are faced with difficult government mandates to meet greenhouse gas emissions standards. Some enterprise fleets are faced with costly retrofits or sometimes they opt to purchase new vehicles altogether with alternative fuel sources. Retrofitting an entire fleet to meet difficult EPA regulations require large capital commitments ultimately putting tremendous pressure on fleet budgets. Fuel Matrix will help fleets meet EPA standards and avoid costly retrofits.

- Maximize Engine Utilization. Fuel Matrix’ fuel solution cleans the engine, ultimately extending the life of the engine. Also fleets tend to use several additives to clean their engines and they will be able to eliminate alternative additives designed to clean engines. The oxygen present in Fuel Matrix replaces alternative additives for cleaning engines.

- Strengthen Enterprise Fleet’s Competitive Advantage.   With lower operating costs fleets have flexibility in their budgets to improve other important aspects of their fleets which will maximize their competitive advantage

“There is a real economic need to minimize operating costs and Fuel Matrix’ solution will help fleets substantially reduce fuel cost and meet regulated emission standards.”

Scott Robinson COO & Co-Founder

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