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Owner Operator Affiliate Program

Make Your Fuel
Cost 10% Less!

Our production costs of Fuel Matrix fluctuates with oil prices so your cost of Fuel Matrix also goes up and down with your diesel costs.   We have demonstrated an average of 15% better fuel economy in our tests.   We always price Fuel Matrix so that it does not cost you more than 5%. This means that even after paying to purchase Fuel Matrix, you still enjoy a 10% reduction in your overall Fuel Costs!   This does not even take into account all the other benefits of having a cleaner engine.

Get Started
On Us!

Initially, the oxygen that bonds with the fuel when adding Fuel Matrix begins scrubbing the engines fuel tanks and systems.   You will not see the fuel mileage increase until this process is complete.   In order to speed up that process we recommend a change of the fuel filters prior to starting with Fuel Matrix.   Sign up your truck with us, buy your first gallon and we will pay to have this routine maintenance done!   See details below.

Get Your
Fuel Matrix, FREE!

Share your Fuel Matrix story and you can earn your Fuel Matrix for FREE!   Here's how:
Each time you refer a fellow owner operator that signs up and becomes a customer, they are your referral for life.   Each time they purchase Fuel Matrix, you receive a 5% credit toward your next purchase.  It gets better...  for every person they refer, you get another 2% credit as well!  So if you refer just 6 people that refer 6 people, yours would be FREE!   See details below.

Call 785-328-4200 ext 103 to place your order today!

A note about shipping:  
Fuel Matrix is flammable and as such must be shipped as "hazardous" with special packaging which is costly.   When you receive your shipment, there will be instructions on how to return the packaging along with a pre-paid label.   When you return the packaging, we credit your account for part of the shipping costs.   The amount varies with order size and will be specified on the instructions included in your package.


After you place your first order, call 785-328-4200 ext 103, give us the VIN number of your truck and we assign you an affiliate number.   Share your Fuel Matrix story with fellow owner operators, and give them your affiliate number to put into the "Company Name" field when ordering.   This field is required when ordering.   From then on, each time that customer orders Fuel Matrix, you earn 5% and when they refer someone and they buy you earn another 2%.   At the end of each month, we will email you a discount code to use when ordering your Fuel Matrix to apply your credits.   It's that easy!   So spread the word and get your Fuel Matrix for FREE!


Here's how.   Use the link above to purchase your initial supply of Fuel Matrix.   To qualify for this promotion, you must purchase a minimum of 1 gallon.   Upon purchase, call 785-328-4200 ext 103.   You will be asked to provide the VIN number of your vehicle.   We will then coordinate with your schedule and one of our affiliate shops to have your fuel filters changed and we will pick up the tab!   Doing this greatly speeds up the cleaning cycle of the product and will get you experiencing the fuel efficiency benefits much quicker!