a monumental discovery

"This breakthrough changes everything."

"It works like nothing you've ever seen before because it works differently than anything you've ever seen before."
Scott Robinson, COO

The Science Behind Fuel Matrix

Fuel Matrix enhances the combustion of fuel for a more complete burn, significantly improving the efficiency and performance of internal combustion engines while decreasing toxic emissions.

 The science behind Fuel Matrix is ground breaking.  We have discovered a method to create strong, instantaneous bi-poles in hydrocarbon molecules so that they attract oxygen molecules more strongly.  More simply put, we use intermolecular forces to help fuel pull more oxygen out of the air.

Combustion in a normal internal combustion engine involves the combination of fuel and air.  Dry air at sea level contains about 78% nitrogen and only about 21% oxygen.  Nitrogen is a relatively inert element that actually dampens or hinders the combustion process by making it cooler.  Fuel Matrix increases the ratio of oxygen-to-fuel (not the ratio of air-to-fuel) while reducing the amount of nitrogen available to the combustion process.  The resultant combustion contains more energy so an engine produces the same amount of power in the combustion cycle with less fuel.

The oxygen boost from Fuel Matrix also cleans deposits and varnishes within the entire fuel system and combustion chamber.  By removing porous deposits from the combustion chamber, Fuel Matrix eliminates “hiding places” where fuel avoids explosive combustion and leaves the engine with the exhaust as unburned hydrocarbons.

Fuel treated with Fuel Matrix

·       results in cleaner, and more complete combustion
·       cleans out deposits that can hide fuel from combustion
·       reduces NOx formation which both absorbs energy from the combustion process and creates harmful emissions

The improved combustion provides greater expansion in the cylinders which increases torque and power at the wheels while using less fuel and reducing emissions.

Emissions reduction when using fuel blended with Fuel Matrix includes:

·       Reduced output of CO2 and CO because of less fuel consumed during combustion
·       Reduced output of unburned hydrocarbons because of more complete combustion
·       Reduced formation and output of NOx from better combustion

Fuel Matrix treated fuel has been tested by Intertek labs and is within ASTM standards for Diesel 2 and is safe for your engine(s).

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