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Meeting budgets and mandates

Fleet Fuel & Emissions Savings for Government Business

Today’s government fleets are faced with difficult budget decisions and government mandates regarding fleet emissions. Government fleets face aggressive EPA standards they must meet to reduce greenhouse emissions.  To meet these challenges, Fuel Matrix’ revolutionary fuel upgrade delivers the ultimate solution:

- Optimize Diesel Fuel Consumption for Less Fuel Spend
- Reduce Greenhouse Emissions
- Fleet Budget savings on Future Retrofits to Meet EPA Standards
- Maximize Engine Utilization  

Fuel Matrix: A Cleaner, More Efficient Fuel.   The less emissions you produce, the lower your fuel costs.

- Reduce Fuel Costs. Improved fuel efficiency can help fleets save substantially on fuel costs typically achieving 8%-15% savings on fuel spend. Fuel cost often is one of the largest metrics on a government’s budget.

- Reduce Greenhouse Emissions. Fuel Matrix’ fuel upgrade achieves dramatic improvements in emission standards and helps to keep vehicles in compliance with current EPA emissions standards through 2018 - 2025.

- Fleet Budget Savings on Future Engine Retrofits to Meet Current EPA Emission Standards. Often time fleets are concerned with future costs to purchase new engines in order to meet current and future EPA emissions standards. Retrofits for small and large fleets are costly.

- Maximize Engine Utilization. Fuel Matrix’ fuel solution cleans the engine, ultimately extending the life of the engine. Also fleets tend to use several additives to clean their engines and they will be able to eliminate alternative additives designed to clean engines. The oxygen present in Fuel Matrix replaces alternative additives for cleaning engines.

“Fuel Matrix’s fuel solution will pay for itself in just a few months.  Improved efficiency and cleaner emissions for governments and municipalities will make a considerable difference in their bottom lines.”

Andrew Lowenstein CEO & Co-Founder

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