Fleet Fuel Savings & Lower Emissions for Enterprise Fleets

Today’s enterprise fleets are faced with rising costs and difficult budget decisions. EPA green house standards are increasingly becoming more difficult to meet. There is a real economic incentive to minimize operating costs which will strengthen an enterprise’s competitive advantage. Fuel Matrix’ revolutionary fuel upgrade delivers the ultimate solution:

- Increased Revenues
- Reduce Greenhouse emissions to Meet EPA regulations
- Maximized Engine Utilization
- Strengthen Enterprise Fleet’s Competitive Advantage
- Reduce Operating Costs on Future Engine Retrofits

Fuel Matrix: A Cleaner, More Efficient Fuel.   Driving profits for enterprise fleets.

Improving Enterprise Fleets fuel efficiency equals burning less fuel - and for most Enterprise Fleets, fuel represents a large portion of operating cost. There is a real economic incentive to minimize operating costs.

- Reduced Fuel Costs. Improved fuel efficiency can help fleets save substantially on fuel costs typically achieving 8%-15% savings on fuel spend.   Fuel cost often is one of the largest metrics on a enterprise fleet’s budget.

-Reduce Greenhouse Emissions. Fuel Matrix’ fuel upgrade achieves dramatic improvements in emission standards and helps to keep vehicles in compliance with current EPA emissions standards through 2018 - 2025.

-Strengthen Enterprise Fleet’s Competitive Advantage. With lower operating costs fleets have flexibility in their budgets to improve other parts of their fleets which will maximize their competitive advantage.

-Maximize Engine Utilization. Fuel Matrix’ fuel solution cleans the engine, ultimately extending the life of the engine. Also fleets tend to use several additives to clean their engines and they will be able to eliminate alternative additives designed to clean engines. The oxygen present in Fuel Matrix replaces alternative additives for cleaning engines.

-Reduce Operating Costs on Future Engine Retrofits. Today’s fleets are faced with difficult government mandates to meet greenhouse gas emissions standards. Some enterprise fleets are faced with costly retrofits or sometimes they opt to purchase new vehicles altogether with alternative fuel sources. Retrofitting an entire fleet to meet difficult EPA regulations require large capital commitments ultimately putting tremendous pressure on fleet budgets. Fuel Matrix will help fleets meet EPA standards and avoid costly retrofits.

“Fuel Matrix’s breakthrough will revolutionize the fuel industry.  With stiffer EPA standards and fuel representing a huge portion of a fleets operating cost, there is an enormous economic incentive to reduce CO2 & fuel spend for fleets worldwide.  Fuel Matrix will help fleets of all kinds meet these demands.”

Robert Biddle President & Co-Founder

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