"the savings are substantial."

Savings equal more profits. 

The bottom line impact of Fuel Matrix is three-fold:


Fuel Matrix has field demonstrated increases in fuel mileage that average around 15%!   As shown on our tests page on this website, and factoring in the cost of Fuel Matrix, this still leaves a net savings to the user of about 10% of annual fuel spend.   That's significant money right to your bottom line.


Rigorous tests by independent laboratories recognized by the EPA and CARB demonstrates significant decreases in harmful emissions (view those results here).   The Fuel Matrix is currently working to obtain government recognition of these results so that our customers can avoid the high cost of retrofitting their equipment to meet the new, stricter emissions standards.


The Fuel Matrix is highly effective at cleaning out engines and keeping everything the fuel comes into contact with clean and it does so without caustic chemicals.  We think you'll agree that a cleaner engine will last longer.   While exact savings are different for different engines, they are significant. 

Savings calculator represents the average savings we have demonstrated in the field.   Your results may vary.  Others have gotten better than what is reflected in the calculator.   Some have gotten less based on a myriad of factors.  We guarantee a "net positive" result or your money will be returned.

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