Oxygen.   We cracked the code to improve combustion.

"this breakthrough changes everything."

Due to the tremendous effects it has on combustion, scientists have been trying to figure out how to bond oxygen to fuel for decades.  We've done it!

Oxygen.  We cracked the code to improve combustion.

"The increase in mileage is miraculous."

Oxygen in the fuel causes the fuel to burn more completely, releasing more energy with the same amount of fuel which means less fuel is needed per mile.

Oxygen.   We cracked the code to improve combustion.

"We no longer worry about emissions compliance"

With more oxygen in the fuel, it burns more completely so there is a significant reduction in emissions.

Oxygen.   We cracked the code to improve combustion.

"our engines are running smoother, stronger, and longer."

Oxygen is a natural cleaner and oxygen in the fuel removes carbon deposits and keeps them from building up.   Say goodbye to caustic fuel system cleaners.

Amazing results from an amazing discovery.

Everything needs oxygen to burn - petroleum fuels are no exception.  Our researchers have discovered a way to do something scientists have not been able to do before.   We have found a way to create a stable bond between fuel and oxygen.

Fuel Matrix initiates changes in the electromagnetic fields of hydrocarbon chains in order to create permanent, stable, intermolecular bonds between hydrocarbon and oxygen molecules.  More oxygen (not air) in the combustion chamber results in a more efficient, cleaner burn of all petroleum fuels.

When mixed with diesel or other fossil fuels, Fuel Matrix...

* Increases fuel mileage 10 to 20% 
* Increases bottom line due to less fuel spend
* Significantly reduces emissions (up to 57% on NOx)
* Reduces future engine retrofits for EPA regulation compliance
* Cleans combustion chambers and spark plugs  
* Cleans fuel injectors and fuel lines
* Maximizes engine utilization
* Strengthens your company's competitive advantage





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